SÖT BARNSLIG: blue dog 65h 25m

Original retail price: $0.49 USD
Final dimensions: 6 inches long by 1.5 inches wide by 3 inches tall
Final weight: 72.1 grams

Hours of labor added: 65 hours 25 minutes
Date of completion:  May 6, 2012
IKEA article number: 801.763.40


IKEA originally manufactured the objects pictured below in the country of Vietnam (as specifically indicated on each product tag).  As of January 2014, the minimum legal wage in the country of Vietnam was around $0.29 USD per hour.

This picture helps to illustrate what the above artwork looked like before I began beading it.  Each bead is sewn into place, a single stitch at a time.

BARNSLIG plush toys

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