SÖT BARNSLIG: hippo (artist's proof)

Original retail price: $0.49 USD
Final dimensions: 4.75 inches long by 1.75 inches wide by 3 inches tall
Final weight: 60.7 grams

Hours of labor added: unknown
Approximate date of commencement:  October 2010
Approximate date of completion:  January 2011
IKEA article number: 301.162.78


—  This is the VERY FIRST object of its kind.  —

An "artist's proof" is a demonstration of feasibility.  In other industries, it might be called a "proof of concept" or a "prototype".  In the print and publishing industry, it is often simply called a "proof" (which may prove the need for minor revisions to ink color, overall tone, or pressure, etcetera). 

An "artist's proof" is pretty much the same thing! 


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