Linens, tea cups, and miscellaneous

Please indicate which of these items you would like to keep, and the priority you would place on each item, highest priority first, lowest priority last.

LOT: Tea Cups, 1 through 6.

Tea cups 1 & 2 - matching pair, green English Ivy on white with gold luster details.

Tea cup 3 - pink floral sprays offset with black and gold luster details.

Tea cup 4 - pink and green peonies or roses on white with gold luster details.

Tea cup 5 - black with blue flowers on the interior, and gold luster details.

Tea cup 6 - sprays of red roses on white, with black around the edges and gold luster details.

LOT: Miscellaneous, 1 through 9.

Item 1 - round lacquer tray, East Asian style, black ground with gold surface design, raffia handles, possibly Japanese.

Item 2 - octoganal lacquer tray, East Asian style, black ground with floral surface design in shades of gold, bronze, and copper.

Item 3 - stainless steel tea infuser, ball shaped on a chain.

Items 4 - pair of clear glass salt and pepper shakers, petite cubes with conical, screw-on lids in chrome.

Items 5 - pair of ceramic rabbit salt and pepper shakers, both white, one standing and one on all-fours, floral details in pastel around each rabbit’s neck.

Item 6 - petite ceramic pitcher, white clay body with small pink & green floral surface design on both front and back.

Item 7 - turtle shaped tea bag resting dish, ceramic in both yellow and green with a white daisy.

Items 8 - pair of pewter (or silver?) salt and pepper shakers resembling lidded tankards, in miniature.

Items 9 - pair of lotus shaped dishes or bowls, not identical, blue being the dominant color of each, with perhaps white or pale pink interiors and colorful painted details beneath the glaze.

LOT: Table Linens, 1 through 16.

Linen 1 - cloth in deep blue brocade.

Linen 2 - cloth in blue & gold (or white?) silken brocade (perhaps synthetic), terminating in solid royal blue at each end.

Linen 3 - cloth with with paisley details in black, akin to printed handkerchiefs.

Linen 4 - cloth in plaid, shades of blue, green, pink and purple, with fringe at each end.

Linen 5 - cloth in dark to navy blue with multiple colored threads woven through in a linear pattern, with white fringe at each end.

Linen 6 - quilted red placemats with floral details rendered in a Mexican or Southwestern style.

Linen 7 - cloth in white with large florals in shades of blue, green and grey.

Linen 8 - woven placemats in deep blue.

Linen 9 - cloth in red & white gingham.

Linen 10 - solid white table cloth.

Linen 11 - cloth in navy blue with heavy strips of red around the borders.

Linen 12 - cloth in Scottish tartan, red and green.

Linen 13 - rectangular placemats in black with red holly details.

Linen 14 - octoganal placemats in a large floral print, largely red and green against a black ground, possibly roses.

Linens 15 & 16 - matching cloths in red & white gingham.

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