Spring in my Step

This year, so far, has been amazing in many ways.  Some bad, but some good, too!  To focus on the good, I'm excited to report I'm working on acquiring CompTIA A+ certification.  This requires that I pass the 220-901/902 certification exams, which I am scheduled to take around the end of May or beginning of June (2017).  I'm really excited!  From now on, I won't just consider myself a geek in the privacy of my own home, my geek-dom will be certifiable and globally recognized...

Secondly, I have some events coming up at the end of this month (April 2017).  You can read more of the dirty details on my events page.  To summarize, my collaboration with V+V artist, Jackie Fisher, was selected by popular vote for the LIVE AUCTION portion of Double Vision 8 at Memorial Hall — AND — our artwork is featured on the event flyer!  Roughly 60 artworks will be auctioned in all, and only about 30 artworks will be receiving live bids.  Even more items will be available in the pop-up gift shop (the event is a fundraiser, everything you'll see is for sale), which is to say there will be a lot of beautiful objects competing for attention.  With that in mind, I am thrilled and surprised that our work was selected not only for inclusion in the live auction process, but also to be featured on the event flyer.  Especially because this is the first time I have ever participated in this event.  I consider Jackie and I very lucky, indeed!  (I can hardly wait to see Jackie's face when the bidding starts!)

So mark your calendar for April 29th.  And while you're at it, mark it for April 30th as well!  On that day, I'll be down in Camp Washington at the Parking Lot Art Fair.  I've been preparing for this event for months.  And I'd like to tell you everything about what I'm doing, but I know "show" beats "tell".  So check out my Instagram feed for a bit of a teaser!  And come prepared to spend about as much on an artwork as you would a burrito at Chipotle.  Preferably in cash!!

Lastly, and pardon me for oversharing, I am surprised by how great I've been feeling.  In August/September of last year, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism after doing some routine bloodwork.  (Thyroid dysfunction is a fairly ordinary experience for many women, and reasonably routine to treat, so this diagnosis is nothing to be alarmed about.)  My doctor put me on some medication to help regulate my hormonal balance.  Unfortunately, this medicine/therapy caused me to experience general weight gain, bloating, increased frequency of digestive discomfort, and overall sluggishness (perhaps I should say fatigue).  It is difficult for me to describe how I came to the decision to discontinue this medication after just three or four months of continuous use, and I must acknowledge that I did so against medical advise.  But I believe very strongly that it was the right decision for me, and I do not regret it.

In lieu of the medication prescribed to me, and after much research, I began a regimen of desiccated thyroid hormone.  I have now been taking this woefully-under-regulated "dietary supplement" for several weeks, and I feel... I feel.... I feel like hyperbole is justified!  I feel super fantastic!  Compared to where I was?  Yeah.  It's as though someone turned back the clock on my experience of aging.  It's as though I had misplaced my sense of humor somewhere along the way without noticing, because I can't help but notice, lately, how often I've been laughing and even cracking jokes.  (Me!!  Joking!!  And people are actually laughing with me, not at me!  What is the world coming to?!  The last time I remember anyone thinking I was genuinely funny was at my cousin's wedding, roughly ten years ago...)  On top of that, I'm soaking up this IT textbook like a veritable shamwow.  And it doesn't end there.  This afternoon, I made blintzes, french toast, and crepes, ate dinner, then shot photos of a bunch of new artwork, put all the camera equipment away again, pulled a grocery-bag's-worth of weeds from between cracks in the patio, and then took a few minutes to wonder what more I could accomplish — all within half an hour or less.  It's as though I just replaced my brain with the latest model, because now it's running faster than the world record holder for the fastest overclocked CPU speed ever recorded.  >8.429GHz.  That's how good I feel!  Most days.

Of course, I have a bunch of work to do.  Gotta pass my exams.  Gotta rock the Parking Lot Art Fair.  Gotta lose some of that weight I acquired toward the end of 2016.  Gotta monitor my progress with regular bloodwork and collaborate more with my physician.  Perhaps find a new physician.  And I have got to manage my own expectations.  Such as by reminding myself from time to time that I am not quite so young, agile, or witty as I may suddenly feel...  Or by reminding myself to use these superpowers to do some good in the world, instead of evil.  <wink!>